On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Boris Wong wrote:
> got a question on the usage of include:
> when i do something like this:
> <? include('http://www.myurl.com'); ?>
> where my php file is located under the same directory structure of
> www.my.url.com, the browse seems keep on loading until it returns a blank
> page. does this mean that php can't include any file located in the same
> directory structure of itself? or is it more like a configuration problem?

Um, does the page at http://www.myurl.com/ by any chance execute that 
include statement? Because then you have an infinite recursion.

I of course can't really figure out what you're talking about because you 
have made up domains like www.myurl.com and www.my.url.com and I don't 
know whether they're different because you weren't paying attention or 
because you meant them to be different. Use real data.


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