Note that you rarely change a result set, so there is very little point in
returning a reference to it given PHP's shallow copy implementation.  And
in your case you are just returning a resource id which you definitely
aren't going to change.

But if for some reason you feel it is important (please explain why) then
this is the syntax:

function & bdConsultar($strCon) {
        $idRes = @mysql_query($strCon);
        return $idRes;

$myID = & bdConsultar("Select * from users");

But again, I don't think you are quite understanding references.


On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, javier wrote:

> I trying to code a kind of DB wrapper.
> So when is dbQuery turn I run into trouble.
> I read in php manual that refrences are not like C pointers. They just
> point to the same content.
> I want to return the result from a mysql_query
> but if I do something like this:
>      function bdConsultar($strCon) {
>          $idRes = @mysql_query($strCon);
>          return $idRes;
>      }
> Should be called like this?
> $myID = &bdConsultar("Select * from users");
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