At 04.04.2002  18:39, you wrote:
>Using MS Windows 98, Apache, PHP and mySQL.
>I've installed Apache on my hard drive to test a database driven website
>using PHP and mySQL.
>Could somebody lead me through the steps if I want to continue using the
>mySQL database and PHP when the site goes live and the files are uploaded
>and published to my ISP's server?
>Is this possible?
Im not shure what your question is,
but I suppose you mean "how do I get the data from the production machine
to my local server".
If this is what you want, easiest way is to install mysqladmin 
and make a datadump, which can be put in you local db using mysqladmin.
The other way could be:
make a page, where you select the content of the database, specially only 
new data (since you got it online)
create a .csv, pack it and send this file to your personal server, or your 
personal account, as attachment.
then you can do whatever you want with this file. Or change to LAMP and 
have some fun with scp,
if your ISP allows this.
HTH Oliver

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