I have one question about operations that can be done with XML.
What I need to do is build a web site which stores some data in XML 
files and retrieve that data. It's basically the system that allows 
users to register, login and upload and download some files. It needs to 
  use XML.

The question is:
If there are simultaneos approaches to register or upload (registration 
and upload data are all stored in the single XML file), using DOM will 
make me problems. DOM loads the whole document into memory, and writes 
it whole to disk. The question is how to avoid this? Since if, for 
example, two users register at the same time, they both get their copy 
of document, and the later that writes itself to the file will overwrite 
the changes made by the first one. How to avoid this and still use DOM? 
I am using PHP 4.1.2 and libxml 2.4.19.

Any advice is wellcome.
Tnx in advance.


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