Sounds like you might be trying to do things the hard way.  Wouldn't it be
easier to simply set the table widths as a percentage rather than an exact
width in pixels?

Eg. width="50%"

The above example will set the table width to 50% of the browser window
width.  Or maybe you could use a bit of DHTML and javascript to do the
resizing instead?

If you really badly want to do it the way you described below I guess you
could use javascript to detect the values for screen width and height and
then send them to PHP.

"Helmut Ott" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hallo everybody,
huuh - has anybody seen a scriptbased, parametric pagelayout control?

Depending on the viewers screen resoltion I would like to change table and
cell widths in my page. This would mean I only need ONE version. The screen
resolution detection would e.g. find a width of 640 pix. Say my sttandrad
res. was 800 than a factor could calulated by setting Factor=res. viewer /
res. standard. In the above sample this would be 640 / 800 = 0,8 as

All page, table, row, cell, images width (and heights) would have to be
multilied with this factor.

As the screen res. can only be analysed on the clientside it must be e.g. a
javascript to do that.

Did anybody hear about any way to get this done.
Any tip is greatly appreciated.


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