On Friday, April 5, 2002, at 12:12  PM, cyberskydive wrote:

> what are your opinions and what are some other grest books out there?

grest -- is that like "great" and "best" ?  ;)

I think that Visual QuickPro PHP Advanced, which just came out a month 
or two ago, is pretty good.  I learned a lot of techniques like using 
templates and PHP's object oriented features, and some non-introductory 
coverage of things like databases and security.  However, the book is 
more like a rough guide than an in-depth tutorial, so you really need to 
already know PHP to use it (which is why I liked it -- short and 
sweet).  I'd recommend it to someone who knows PHP basics but might want 
to know how shopping carts are written, or how to use OO or some 
security and database advice.  There's a chapter on XML too, but the XML 
stuff in PHP changes at times so I wouldn't rely on it.

Rasmus Lerdorf wrote a book on PHP for O'Reilly, it apparently just came 
out a few days ago although I haven't read it.  I believe it covers many 
advanced topics as well (not just a tutorial).



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