On Saturday 06 April 2002 18:34, Joerg Hanke [ML-php] wrote:
> hi!
> i've got the following problem and hope one of you is able to help me
> solving that:
> i've got a system in php that writes data (e.g. variable-name = $data)
> to a mysql database. there are two more scripts: one for displaying the
> data and one for writing the data into a formular. the displaying-script
> includes a link to the formular-script which submits the values for
> $data. i use the command 'htmlentities' to express the value (there is
> an html-tag like <img src="http:...">) correctly. when the
> formular-script is executed via this link i get a wrong result: <img
> src=\"....\"> there are these backslashes...
> what 2 do??

You most likely have "magic_quotes_runtime" enabled in php.ini. Either 
disable it or use stripslashes() on the data you retrieve from the db.

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