Miguel Cruz wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Gordon Stewart wrote:
>>Just as a curiosity - (I dont need / Want it now - Maybe later....)
>>Where / what site, can we get a list of the valid country/city codes ?
> Someone else has already provided you with a site.
> I'd just add that validating international numbers against any sort of
> list is bound to lead to extreme annoyance. Even telephone companies have
> trouble keeping track of changes.
> miguel
I have to agree with that. I have given up on validating a phone number. 

When I sat down and thought about it there are too many problems. These problems range 
from country codes, 

city codes , and area codes all changing daily to business phones. Your 
looking at #*. + ( )- and probably many more I haven't thought of. Looks 
like I will only check if something is there.


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