"Leif K-Brooks" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have to wait for my host to compile php as binary for cron to work with
> php, and a lot of things on my site depend on cron.

It's not my favorite solution from a security standpoint, but you could call
the PHP scripts from cron using wget or lynx.  wget even supports HTTP
authentication and I *think* lynx does as well so you can password protect
the scripts using .htaccess.  And I'm assuming you have cron access since if
you don't, having your host install PHP as a CGI won't cure that.  <g>

> Does anyone have some
> sort of code that I could put at the top of all my pages so when they get
> visited, it checks to see if a script has been executed yet this time
> petiod, and if not yet, it does?

Better to teach a man to fish...?  Either create a db entry or text file
entry with the timestamp of the last run of the scheduled script and have
your calling scripts check the timestamp to see if it's time to run.

> Or any type of workaround for not having
> cron?  Thanks!

You just need access to a machine (can even be a Windows desktop) which can
launch a URL at a specified time or you just need someone who can do the
same via a cron job on one of their boxes.  Hope that helps.

Steve Werby
President, Befriend Internet Services LLC

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