On Monday 08 April 2002 07:00, David Johansen wrote:
> I would love to use a class. Where can I find one? I've posted on here
> several times asking for examples or base code that work with Authorize.net
> but no one ever responds. If you could point me to some that'd be great.

1) Ever tried google? I just did, searched for "php class authorize.net" and 
it came up with more than one promising result. Rather than posting and 
waiting for someone to do your homework you could have done it yourself.

2) "...but no one ever responds", aside from the fact that it is untrue 
(there were responses to your posts, don't know whether they were useful to 
you), people usually respond when they have something positive to contribute. 
You ask a question "Does anyone know where I can get a class to work with 
Authorize.net?", you don't want all list members replying "No I don't".

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