sure. if all users should have access to this instance of your object, then
you could store the serialized object in a file,
everyone has access to and unserialize it if needed.But don't forget to
include your object-surcecode
before unserializing the object, or you'll lose your methods. If users
should also have write access to the object,
you also have to make sure, that only one user can access the file for
writing at one time, or your data gets probably
screwed. The easiest way would be storing the object not in a file but in a
database, so you don't have to care about locking.

But do you really need the same instance of the object? why not simply
perform a $obj =& new Class();

Code for Storing:

$strData = serialize($data);

$fp = fopen("", "w");
fwrite($fp, $strData);


Code for accessing:


// include object source before unserializing
include "myObjectSrc.php";

$fp = fopen("", "w");
$strData = fread($fp, filesize(""));

// so we have our object back
$obj = unserialize($strData);


"Rarmin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Is there a way to pass variables (objects) across the different
> sessions. I thought of sharing one object for all users that access my
> web site (it's an object that does some operations with files common to
> all users, like reading and writing). Any ideas?
> Tnx in advance.
> Armin

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