What really matters is where the variables are coming from.

print (""; . $var1 . "&item=" . $var2

that's how I usually do it.  I'm assuming that both "dest" and "item" are
variables on the referring page.  Reply and let me know if this is what
you're looking for.

-Jordan K. Martin
--New Image Design

<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Hi all!

I have a problem with the querystring.I want to add to every Link on my
Homepage a querystring, but i should have the possibility to change some
details in the Querystring.
How should i solve this problem ?

Example :
The variables "?dest=" and "&item=" should be in every Link on my site.But
only the values "12" and "2" should be alterable.

Thank you,and sorry for my bad english

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