why couldnt you just do this

  $checksum = md5(implode('', file('/path/to/file')));

then it would only warn you about change in the code pre-parse, rather than post-parse 
as miguel suggested?

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On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Rodolfo Silva wrote:
> I need a php script to alert me (with a pop up window or something like
> that) when a certain web page is modified. Is it possible? Where can I
> find that?

I don't know where you can find it pre-made, but it's pretty simple. In a

  $checksum = md5(implode('', file('http://www.whatever.org/')));

That'll give you a 32-character string.

Save $checksum in a database or in a local file. 

Repeat as often as you need to (using cron or whatever). Compare the new
value against the one you saved. If they don't match, the page changed.

NB: This will catch ANY change in the page. If that page is set up to show
the current date, for instance, then that will be picked up as a change
every day. If you need to deal with something like this, you're going to
have to analyze and parse the page.


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