You definitely want to use MySQL for this. Ignore all those people who
recommended text file DBs. They are /SLOW/. MySQL is very very fast. To
show you a small sample of how fast, here's the debug data from one of
my scripts, showing how long the page took to generate, and how many
queries were run. The queries consist of the same kind you would be

Debug Data
This page was generated in 0.030305027961731 seconds.
9 queries executed.

Matthew Walker
Ecommerce Project Manager
Mountain Top Herbs

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Subject: [PHP] counter for HIGH traffic site

I'm needing counter for site that receives 60 to 80 hits a minute. Many
have tried cause excessive server load and need to be deactivated or
lose data and return to zero without warning. All tried so far have been
written in Perl.

Anyone here know of a PHP counter that would handle HIGH traffic with
added server load? Would using MySQL to store count be of any benifit?


Craig ><>

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