Ok I have it working to a point... how can I impliment a loop to count the
files in the directory, right now it only pulls the first file into the
select box.  Here is the code:
$dir_name = "/path/to/images/directory/on/server/";
$dir = opendir($dir_name);
 while ($file_name = readdir($dir)) {
  if (($file_name != ".") && ($file_name !="..")) {
  $file_list = "<p><FORM METHOD=\"post\" ACTION=\"index_done.php3\"
NAME=\"$file_name\"><SELECT NAME=\"files\">
     <OPTION VALUE=\"$file_name\" NAME=\"$file_name\">$file_name</OPTION>
     </SELECT><br><br><INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\"
Thanks, in advance

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