Here is the answer I gave a few days ago to the same sort of question:

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- begin
function gogo() {
var dt = new Date();
var mm,dd,yy,h,m,s;
mm = dt.getMonth()+1;
dd = dt.getDate();
yy = dt.getYear();
h = dt.getHours();
m = dt.getMinutes();
s = dt.getSeconds();

// end -->
<body<?if(!isset($Submit)):?> onload="gogo()"<?endif?>>
echo "Remote date = $Month/$Day/$Year $Time <br>";

At 05:20 AM 9/04/2002, David Eisenhart wrote:
>Does anyone know of a technique for obtaining the date and time of the
>client's system?
>(I can conceive of generating this with Java Script and passing it to pages
>within the site, but it is important that this information is obtained by
>the 'first' page that the user accesses.)
>Any ideas gratefully received.
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