I understand SAFE MODE limits me to opening files owned by the same 
user as owns the script, right?...

So, what's up with this:

PHP /www/herolist.com/web/categories.html: 105 2 SAFE MODE 
Restriction in effect.  The script whose uid is 1065 is not allowed 
to access /www/herolist.com/web/pictures/TERISBROTHER1thum.jpg owned 
by uid 1056

Note that the UIDs are the *same*.

I'm using http://php.net/getimagesize

I'd tell you what PHP version I was using, if phpinfo() and 
phpversion() worked...

Those yield:

[domain name changed to protect the innocent]
Warning:  Failed opening '/www/example.com/web/phpinfo.php' for 
in Unknown on line 0

That also means I can't readily look up 'open_basedir' et al...

It was 4.2.0-dev last I looked, but my ISP is very... aggressive 
about upgrading PHP :-)

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