You could use these two functions:

array_unique(); and sort();


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I am new on this list, so i welcome everybody!
/sorry if my english is not too good/

My problem is:
I want to sort an array.
I found the array_multisort funciton in the help, but that is for
multidimensional arrays, or 2 or more arrays.

What i need exactly.

I have 5 MySQL tables, and i want to collect some informations from all
theese tables, and then get out only the different items.
Like: 1st table: 1,2,3  2nd: 2,4,3  3rd: 5,1,5

I need an array, what will include 1,2,3,4,5

So i thought, i collect all the numbers in 1 array, then sort it, and
then get out the duplicat items.

Any suggestion ?



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