On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Gordon Stewart wrote:
> As far as I know - ALL cookies set by a particular server - can be read &
> re-set by any programme / process on the same server / website..
> So your ASP script could read your PHP cookies & vice-versa..
> I'm just learning PHP, & dont know cookies as yet (I use Perl/CGI for
> cookies)
> & have no experience at all on ASP...
> I'll suggest to try a small PHP & a small ASP page, & try & set/read the
> cookies.

Thanks for the response.  I was able to work it out, ugly, but it works!  
I am using PHP to redirect to an ASP page that then writes a cookie 
itself.  Ugly having 2 cookies like that, but it's our intranet and until 
everything is ported from ASP to PHP this is the way I have to do it.  


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