In your PHP:

On every click collect two variables: 

$by and $order 

then, call for this query:

Select field from table where this=that order by $by $order;

Make sure both variables have their default values in case there was
nothing selected.
You don't really need a function for this, just a few variables preset
before calling mySQL.

Do pobachennya,

Maxim Maletsky
Founder, Chief Developer (Where PHP Begins)

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> From: Vladislav Kulchitski [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 3:49 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Dealing with Query String
> Hi,
> I need some help with query string. Basically what I am doing is I am
> sorting my table, much like you sort columns in OUTLOOK EXPRESS for
> instance with a little arrow...
> ex
> So all I need a function that will grab this query and will change
> and another new variable (desc/asc) and will return the same string
> with new values for certain variables... I ran across some function
> this before when Ididn't need it, but just now when I need it badly -
> can't seem to be able to find it. Hope someone out there can help.
> Thank you much.
> Vlad
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