Liam Gibbs wrote:
> <<Is there a way for a script to tell if the file it's
> trying to access is locked by other script (via
> flock()) or not. I need to make script wait untill
> other script running in a parallel thread releases the
> lock on  the file.>>
> Without testing, would this work? Just a suggestion
> (read: shot in the dark) that may work.
> while(!$filehandle) {
>    $filehandle = @fopen("file_in_question",
> "r/w/whatever");
> }
> <<Tnx in advance.>>
> You're welcome in advance. :)
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How is it possible that the file locked with exclusive lock can be 
opened by another call to fopen in the same script? Am i getting it all 
wrong, or the second call to fopen in the next code should fail?

$fp=fopen("somefile", "w");
flock($fp, LOCK_EX);
$fp1=fopen("somefile", "w");

I'm using php 4.1.2 windows version on apache 1.2.23.


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