a quick search on php.net resulted in this page:

which has a link to a list of editors:

similarly, a quick search at google.com resulted in around 249,000 pages :)

this question's also been asked on this list about 249,000 times, so a quick
search of the archives resulted in plenty of results as well:

Justin French
Creative Director

on 11/04/02 12:06 PM, Steve Klugherz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Does anyone know of any text editors that understand the syntax of php? I
> have finally got the company I work for convinced that php is the way to go
> for the web based portion of our product. I would like to find an editor
> that does context highlighting (like visual cafe) to keep grumblings to a
> minimum. The editors I have found either highlight php like C++ or as HTML.
> It can be for either Linux or Windows, we run both.
> Thanks.

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