Try this code... this is the originating page, with a link for each person,
which passes a user id to the function.

The function opens a new window, with all sorts of chrome turned off or on
(my defaults are pretty close to what you want) with the url
details.php?id=<the id you passed>.

details.php can then use the value of $id to look up a db and print stuff to
the screen.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function popMeUp(id)
    var prefix = "details.php?id=";
    var script = eval("prefix + id");, "details",
// -->
<A HREF="javascript:popMeUp('4');">view person number 4</a>

You will have problems with the user leaving the window open and going back
to where they were (main window).  Since it's still open, new details open
in this same small window, which is now in the background.

To bring details.php (the small window, possibly in the background) to the
front each time it loads, you'll need to include this in your body tag:

<BODY onload="javascript:window.focus();">

Hope this helps -- it's a trimmed down version of what I use for help
topics, profiles, etc etc.

Of course, I need to remind you that the links will fail on non-javascript
browsers.  A more complete solution would involve <NOSCRIPT></NOSCRIPT> tags
and perhaps javascript writeln, in order to have non JS browser just go to
an full page.

However, for the vast number of your users, this will work out fine.

Justin French
Creative Director

on 11/04/02 2:38 PM, Robbie Newton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have a listed result from the MySQL table but I want the user to be able
> to get more information without having to use the back button a lot after
> they finish viewing details. So when the user clicks on one of the records
> then it will open a new window to view the detailed information. So it would
> need to pass the serial number for the table to the new window. I would like
> for the window to be as restricted as possible. (no resize, no menu options,
> etc...)  really just a close [x] is all it should have. When the user clicks
> on one record and the new window opens with the detailed info, then if they
> do not close that new window before clicking on another record, then the new
> details for that record should just reload in the second window. (Since it
> is still open) Know what I mean? I can see it in my head, but I am not very
> fluent with php and or Javascript. Can anyone help me on this?
> System---
> Apache 1.3.22 + MySQL + PHP 4.1 on Win2K
> Thanks
> -Robbie

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