At 10.04.2002  15:56, you wrote:
>Okay, here is my dilemma:
>I have one page, (non-secure), which sets session variables for the users
>address, items, prices, etc. I have the next page which is secure, and
>cannot get the session variables from the previous page. Is there a way to
>pass the variables between the secure and non-secure servers? I cannot send
>the information in my session variables in the url (that information needs
>to remain in the session).
>I have searched the php mailing lists about this and have not found anything
>that will answer this question.
>Any and all help, verbose if possible, is appreciated.

Chris had a similar question on Monday, here´s my reply again

At 08.04.2002  13:12, you wrote:
>I have two servers with Apache PHP - carrying out different tasks.
>However, I have got a task that requires one application to use both
>servers. One of the units holds a bunch of session vars - which I would like
>to transfer to the other unit, when scripts on this second unit are called.
>What is the best way to do this?
>Clearly, I don't want to do this as a list of vars in the URL - some of the
>vars are sensitive.
>I would appreciate any comments.
I hope both machines are linux, unix
the scp-command (secure copy) will be your friend. So you save your vars in 
a file,
scp this file from server1 to server2 and read the file, if it appears and
is the correct one, read it in your script on the server2.
To learn more about scp, see "man scp"
HTH Oliver

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