Hello all

I have a script called ‘report.php’ that generates a report in HTML. This 
report must be created at regular intervals; hence I have set up a cron job 
to call that script. The output of ‘report.php’ must be sent by e-mail. I 
use the following command:

/usr/bin/lynx -source http://server.com/report.php | mail -s "Report" 

This works fine. The result of report.php is sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

However, the results do not appear as HTML in the e-mail client, but as 
text. This is due to the fact that the headers saying ‘This is HTML’ are 
missing from the e-mail message sent.

Does anyone know how it is possible to get 'mail' to add suitable headers to 
the above command, so that the receiving e-mail client knows that it is 
getting an HTML and not a text message?

Any help would be gratefully received. TIA.


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