Run the funtion phpinfo() and look at the resulting "PHP Variables" 
section. Alternatively, they are listed in the manual under Chapter 7, 
Variables, Predefined variables, PHP variables. The one to use is the 
last one $HTTP_SERVER_VARS, and array of the variables listed under 
Apache Variables just above.




Martin Clifford wrote:

>Hello again everyone...
>Well, I did create that "visitor log" file for my page, and it's working great, so 
>thanks to all of you that helped me out yesterday!  I've been looking and looking and 
>looking through the PHP manual (which for a newbie is very hard to navigate), and 
>I've only come up with a couple of variables that I can use to store information 
>about visitors.
>And then also the time formatted the way I want it to be.  What are some of the other 
>good variables that are commonly used for site access logs, ala "Referred by" and 
>that kind of thing.  Thanks!
>Please CC me, I'm on digest.

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