Jeb Scarbrough wrote:
> Is it possible to serialize binary data?  An image for example.  I am trying
> to accomplish this:
> 1. Build web page.
> 2. Retrieve dynamically built image from another physical server.
> 3. Serialize the image and store it in some type of session variable
> 4. Unserialize this image and display it inline with html around it.
> I realize this is terribly inefficient, but there are several factors as to
> why it has to be accomplished this way.

Not sure if serializing binary data directly would work, but you
should be able to run base64_encode() and base64_decode() on the
data first, then serialize it.  Or heck, just store that ascii
version that is the base64'd version directly - no need to serialize.

Michael Kimsal
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