Edward R. Bailey wrote:

>I am trying to create an html automatic response email to users that
>fill out a form.
>Workflow - 
>1. User fills out form and selects submit
>2. The contents of the form are then mailed to a secretary for record
>3. (Where the problem is) An html based email is sent to the email
>address that the user entered into the form.
>4. The user is redirected to a confirmation page
>Ok - steps one and two work fine so on to step three.
>After the code that mails the form then my code --
>if ("PHP_MAIL_FORM=true") 
>$to = "$address_email";
>$subject = "Uncharted Outposts Newsletter";
>$message = <html><p>Test Email</p></html>;        
>$headers = "To: $name_first <$address_email>\nFrom: <My
>Company>\nReply-To: <My Company>\nMIME-Version: 1.0\nContent-type:
>text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\n"; 
>mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);      
>Where $address_email and $name_first are variables from the form
>The script as is works fine, but I want to assign the contents of a
>separate file (a web page) to $message instead of inserting the contents
>of the file as a string in the actual script. I want the body of the
>email to come from a separate file to help make changing the body of the
>email easier too. I tried using - 
$message = file("includes/news.html");
will do what you need.

>But that did not work and instead inserted file into the actual webpage
>instead of the email.
>Does anyone have an idea or suggestion?
>Thanks for your help,

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