On Friday 12 April 2002 14:32, jas wrote:
> Here is an example of the files in the directory...
> willies_0411.jpg
> watson_0411.jpg
> willies_logo.jpg
> watson_logo.jpg
> etc..
> When I remove the eregi() it works fine, all the files are displayed,
> however I only want the files ending in _1111.jpg to be displayed in the
> select box and well I did another one using a sting to filter out all files
> except _logo.jpg and it works fine, I just can't get the _1111.jpg files to
> display.  Also the directory is fine, I have the same function being called
> in two places one to display only *_logo.jpg files and the second to
> display only *_1111.jpg files the number one doesnt seem to work so I may
> just create two directories for the two types I need, but I would rather
> get this sting function down so I can use it elsewhere on our site.  Any
> help would be great...

preg_match("/.*_\d{4}\.jpg$/i", $file_name);


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