I've got a client who wants me to build a form-based user interface for an 
application that will allow people to sign up for ISP service. Each form 
will post to a remote server, which will give me an XML reply upon which to 
base the response page for the user. 

Being very much new to PHP, I'm not sure if this is even possible. I know 
PHP can parse XML and act appropriately thereupon, but every example I've 
looked up shows PHP just parsing a static XML page. 

As best I can tell, the sequence of events if this did work would be: 

1. User posts HTML form to PHP script.
2. PHP script submits appropriately encoded query string to remote server.
3. PHP script parses returned XML.
4. PHP script generates HTML to send to the user. 

Do I have this roughly right? Can such a thing even happen? If not, is there 
a language I can do it in? Oh, and probably very importantly, would having 
PHP3 (the version their server is running) pose problems? 

Alex Kirk

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