Hi Steph,

1st things 1st, you're date is set the year 00 for some reason, so your
email was kinda hidden in my PHP folder.  This may limit the number of ppl
who respond.

I have no idea if it can be done in the MySQL query, but you could get all
your results into an array, and do a regular expression replace for an array
of bad starts like The A An etc etc, creating a new item in the array called
title_sort, and sort the array by that array element, but use the original
title to print to the page.

Sorry, I'm having trouble explaining it.

Perhaps someone with a little more experience with arrays will be able to
show you in code :)


on 13/04/00 5:44 AM, Steph ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi. Im using MySQL and as part of my tables I have titles (of stories). My
> question os in regards to outputing those titles. Some of the titles begin
> with words such as 'The', 'A', 'An', etc. Is there a way to order these
> particular titles based on the second word in the title??
> ~Steph

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