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> What is your opinion of using Red Hat's Apache and PHP binaries instead
> of compiling from source?

If what they provide is exactly what you need, that's fine.  For critical
services like web or email, don't be suprised if your needs differ from
what the RPM's creator planned for. I use stock programs for my base server
load, but important things like apache+mod_ssl+php or qmail+vpopmail I
compile myself.  The stock versions just don't cut it for me.

> If Red hat is too specific for this list we
> can expand it, but that is the binary that I'm interested in seeing how
> it stacks up.

Don't worry, it isn't just Red Hat.  I use SuSE, which also uses RPMs for
installing packages.  It is great for most things, for other things you
have a compiler...

> Red Hat compiles a bunch of stuff into both apache and php but most of
> it is modular so it shouldn't have enormous amounts of overhead.  On the
> other hand, it sure is easy to keep up to date, and when you have a lot
> of servers that is a big plus.

I disagree.  The simplest way to update a bunch of servers is to create a
single static linked httpd with everything you want in it, then copy _one
file_ to each server, and re-start it.  (Stop then start, not graceful.)

> If you need a feature in php that is not included in the RH configure
> you are better off using source, I've tried building the php source RPM
> adding some new options and didn't come close to getting it to work, but
> I'm not an expert in building RPM's and maybe it was all my fault.

Correct. If the RPM isn't EXACTLY what you want, forget about it and use
the source.

> For those of you that are of the mindset that everyone should compile
> everything from source, that's duly noted, but I'd rather hear from
> people who weigh out the benefits of using one or the other and go with
> the best choice.

Compiling everything from source would be crazy!  There are many things
that come with a Linux distribution that are just fine.  Compiling your own
login, intetd, ps, ls, etc.  would be nothing but a waste of time.  As I

If the RPM is exactly what you need, use it...
else use the source and don't look back.


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