On Friday 12 April 2002 10:53, Manisha wrote:

> >I'd be surprised if you really want to move the file to /img.
> >And if you're on a Unix system the web server certainly won't
> >have write access to the / directory.
> i tried with complete path starting from root (/usr/web..../html/img) and
> also with virtual (/img/).
> Is there any extra param setting ? any access rights ?

Check that the webserver has execute rights to each of the directories from 
/usr, /usr/web/... through to .../html/img

> >
> >Please don't shout.
> Am I ? I do not think so. It is just an EMPHASIS.

Using ALLCAPS is considered rude. A word here and there is OK but a whole 2 
sentences would annoy some people.

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