I'm using PHP 4.1.2 to write a webmail. I'm using Procmail along with 
Sendmail. PHP runs as user nobody or user apache. Note that I have the user 
id and password in my PHP script from using HTTP authentication. FYI I'm 
running Mandrake Linux 8.1.

The problem is:
I want to write to some files (procmail recipe files) that'll reside in 
/home/userid. I tested running su using the below code
$fp=popen("su userid","w");
fputs($fp,"cd /home/db/");
fputs($fp,"mkdir THIS_IS_GOOD"); //just testing if I can write to dir

1) Even when I enter the wrong password, my PHP code doesn't complain. It 
dutifully echoes done. Why?
2) Doesn't seem like it's running as it should. How can I achieve what I 
want to do - to write to a file (specifically to create procmail files 
called .forward and .procmailrc file) to /home/userid/ dir from a PHP 

PS: If you're not familiar with procmail, don't worry abt the procmail 


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