Hi all,

i'm currently busy with db design. Since I have not worked with these
amounts of content data I have a few questions.

I have 2 tables: a table filled with records about products (currently 2200
records) (tblProducts)
The next table is a table with pictures referring to product_ID's. (tblPics)
(3600 records).
Some products have more than 1 picture. I'm on apache server with mySql db.

Now about my db design question:

can I better use 1 table (the tblProducts) where I store PictureNames in 1
field, seperated by commas or whatever or should I use the tblPics as a
lookup table.

The advantages to use tblPics as a lookup are quite clear, but each time I
want to show the pics belonging to a certain product I have to query the
lookuptable with it's 3600 records. Does this consume a lot of time?? Or
isn't 3600 records (with 8 columns) a lot.

Thanx for your opinion

Wilbert Enserink

Pas de Deux 
Van Mierisstraat 25 
2526 NM Den Haag 
tel 070 4450855 
fax 070 4450852 

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