Im kind of new to this mysql stuff but anyway...

I have a row in a table with a timestamp of 14 chars and i dont know how to
convert the row named 'tidsstampel' into something like this:

select DATE_FORMAT('1997-10-04 22:23:00', '%W %M %Y');

i dont wanna use a static date for this, id rather use a variable that i get
from the dbase..

anyone getting this or is it just ribberish?


"Mike Robinson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> skrev i meddelandet
> You should consider using mysql's built-in DATE_FORMAT function.
> Why pull data, parse it, and format it, when you can retrieve it formatted
> the way you want in one call. Double/triple handling of data is a bad
> "Nyon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> 001c01c1dfbd$a7403320$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:001c01c1dfbd$a7403320$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> Hi,
> I need to recall a date data in a MySQL database.
> The column is set as "date timestamp(8)".
> A sample of date is "20020409"
> I use the PHP Date function to format it back to say "9th April 2002".
> $date_formated = date($date, 'S M Y' );
> However, it's still doesn't appear as formatted.
> Anyone mind sharing their code to do this?
> Nyon

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