On Friday, April 12, 2002, at 04:42  PM, Jeff Levy wrote:

> Have you considered using sablotron's Excellent Named Buffer support?

No, and it is perhaps due to my lack of familiarity with XSLT, but I'm 
not sure how to use this technique... even with the example you've 
provided.  I haven't actually found a general PHP->XSLT reference (for 
instance, the PHP man pages on a lot of the XSLT functions seem 
unfinished).  Do you know of a resource I can go to learn more?



> I do this all the time.
> ie: $addl_buffers['MySecondBuffer'] = "<?xml
> version='1.0'?><MyNode>Blah</MyNode>"
>     $addl_buffers['MyThirdArbitraryBuffer'] = ... etc etc etc...
> then, in stylesheet, for instance:
> <xsl:variable name="TestBuffer"
> select="document('arg:/MySecondBuffer')/MyNode"/>
> etc, etc.


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