Got it figured out --
To export table structure:

C:> mysqldump -d {database name} {tables} >sqltextfile.sql
Then to import the new Table Structure:

To import table structure / data
C:> mysql {database name} <sqltextfile.sql

Just a note: If you want to copy the structure of an existing table with the
intent of
creating *another* table in the same DB with the same structure, then make
sure you edit the
"sqltextfile.sql" file and change the CREATE TABLE {table name} to something

For example:
C:> mysqldump -d mydb subscribers >subscribers.sql

** edit the "subscribers.sql" text file and change the following line:
CREATE TABLE subscribers


CREATE TABLE subscribers2  (or whatever)

save... then

C:> mysql mydb <subscribers.sql

that's it...

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