Dear All,
I'm facing a problem and can't figure out the solution
and would love anyones help.
the situation is this:
i have a form for users to fill, i take their entry
and enter it in the database, then i take it and
display it in a form so they can edit it.
the problem is this:
if uses enter double quotes my html gets mixed up and
considers the users quote to be the end of the output
value for the input field. 

   <input type="text" value="myvalue">
myvalue is a variable which is read from the DB and
contains a double quote now if 
myvalue = this is a double quote " like this.

the output html will look like this:
<input type="text" value="this is a double quote "
like this.">

and the output like this:
this is a double quote

and that's it..cause it took the double quote as the
end of the value field.

now what do i do?  how can i prevent that from

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