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>i have this code for my form mail:
>mail ([EMAIL PROTECTED], "$subject", "From: $name\r\nEmail: 
>$email\r\nWebsite: $website\r\nMessage: $message", "From: $email\r\n");
>i need to add an attachment file with the variable $file. what do i need 
>to add in the code so that i will also be able to receive the attached 
>file sent from the website?
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Hi, canīt you delete this f*ing advertisment ;-)
Look at
scroll down to class mime_mail, and load it down.
All you need (and only this). There are some other classes around, but this 
work fine(for me)
and is real small.
Sorry itīs a german link, but it was on page 2 of google.

HTH Oliver

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