Contact your ISP, because it depends on your set-up... you basicaly need to
pipe all emails to that address to the CGI version of PHP, and then you can
grab the message and forward it to the entire list.

But your ISP may also have other tools for this... if I send to all@ one of
my domains, it forwards to a pre-determined list of site contributors (a
mailing list/group)... this is a simple text file that I can edit too.

So, best advice is to start by telling your ISP what you want to achieve,
and asking what they have available, or if it's your own server, post the

Justin French

Creative Director

on 13/04/02 10:44 PM, Randum Ian ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi there,
> I want to be able to send an email to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' and have
> it sent to everybody in my 'newsletter' database. Are there any resources
> online that would show me how to do this? Ive searched but found nothing so
> far.
> Regards, Ian.
> ___
> Ian Roke
> Webmaster, DancePortal (UK) Limited
> - Global dance music media

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