I'm totally unfamiliar with php, and making some slight modificiations
to Chris Heilmann's nice v 1.1 Newsleterscript.

What exactly is meant by an empty delimiter?  This code works just fine,
but I get the following error:

Warning: Empty delimiter in /home/sites/site56/web/trailcrew.php on line

# Put the entries into the array lines
$lines = explode("%",$content);
for ($key=1;$key<sizeof($lines);$key++){
# when the email is not in the list, add the old entries
 if (!stristr($lines[$key], $email)) {                    <----
offending line - line 63
  $out .= "%".$lines[$key];
# when it's already in the list, set found
 else {

Rich Pinder

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