I have a mySQL table on which i'm performing a
search.. something like this :

$sql_text = ("SELECT * FROM searchtb where
vCategory='$q' || vSubCategory='$q'"); 

Now i want the Search Results to appear per page..
that is, maybe 15 Records per page should appear..
with something like this on top to navigate through
search results :

Page : [<<] 1|2|3|4|5 [>>]

And i would also like to display total results found
on results page.

Lastly, suppose i have a column "vProName" in my mySQL
Database, which contains a record like this :
Millenium basket ball

Now if someone searches for "basket" or "ball" .. i
want this record to show up in search results. How can
i make that possible?

Can anyone guide me towards this.. 

T. Edison Jr.

Rahul S. Johari (Director)
Abraxas Technologies Inc.
Homepage : http://www.abraxastech.com
Tel : 91-4546512/4522124

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