Well, constructed from the help i received from some
of you, this is the end result of my attempts to be
able to send email to everyone listed in a file and
including their names in the email. i would appreciate
any feedback or suggestions for simplification, etc.

$contents = fread ($fp, filesize
($doc));fclose($fp);//read file contents into variable
$list=explode("\n",$contents); //explode each dataset
into array
$size=count($list);//count number of array items
$size=$size-1;//subtract one for looping process
$counter=0;//set counter
while($counter<$size){ //do until no more array items
$list2=explode("#",$list[$counter]); //explode each
dataset into two separate arrays (name/email)
$to=$list2[1];//set "to" to email address
$msg="Hello $list2[0], bla bla bla"; //include name in
mail("$to,$subject,$msg");  //individual mail during
$counter++; //increment

i know several of you have expressed concerns about
overloading email servers, but since i have less than
20 people on the list, i'm sure it can handle it.

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