There's Metabase, one said to be the most complete of them all, available
at and PearDB, available at

  I am using Pear, most because it takes advantage of another shared classes
from Pear itself. For example, the Log class from Pear can use Pear's Db
class, and a few other things here and there (nice things, btw ;-)


Julio Nobrega.

Um dia eu chego lá:

Ajudei? Salvei? Que tal um presentinho?

"Arcadius A." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello !
> I'm planning to write a database application for  MySQL, and then port it
> PostrgeSQL.
> Is there any library or class that could help me to write/maintain just
> source code for both MySQL and PostgreSQL (on WIN and UNIX)?
> Thanks in advance.
> ARcadius

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