While prototyping my db-driven website using Apache 1.3.23 + PPHP 4.1.2 + 
PostgreSQL 7.2 under the rpm distribution of Mandrake 8.2, I used the default 
"register_globals=on" setting. 

As I'm nearing the end of protyping, I decided to switch 
"register_globals=off" by ediuting the php.ini file. Unfortunately, by doing 
so, I lost the connection to PostgreSQL: phpinfo() shows no settings for 
psql. Since it's a pre-packaged rpm, I've no way to change the default 
setting aside from editing the php.ini which then "breaks" PostgreSQL 
connection. I could source the whole mess, but since I'm nearing the end of 
protyping it seems like a waste of time.

I've re-written most of my code to $_SESSION and $_POST to pick up the 
variables from the various pages. However, in order to test everything I've 
had to re-load PHP with globals again set to on.

Now for the question: I would like to know whether the coding for the 
variables that I'm using now will work with $_SESSION and $_POST.
For some reason, the only way to pick up the variables from a posted page is 
to use at the beginning of the page (after the initial <?php session_start(); 
ob_start(); ?>)

$sfname = $_POST['sfname'];

Now, in all the checking code that follows (to check for empty strings, html 
code, javascript commands, and bad words) I've reverted to:

//snippet of code (<h5> is formatting for CSS stylesheet)
if ($sfname == "") die ("<h5>blah, blah blah....</h5>"); 

This works with globals=on, and while I had it working (without a functional 
database connection) with $_POST and but not with $_SESSION (??).

My question: will this work in "real-time" once I get connected again to the 
db? It's so frustrating having changed all the code to find that I really 
didn't have to. Btw: can anyone explain why "register_globals=on" is such a 
"bad thing"? I've read the security info, and they never really explained it.

Sorry for the long post. I would greatly appreciate any assistance on this.

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