> >i was wondering if it would be possible to make a web spider in PHP.
> >they work by download a website, then following all the links on the
> >website to other pages, and then following the links on that page...
> >
> >is this possible in PHP without a whole lot of work? i just want to
> >a counter of how many links (not e-mail addresses or file downloads)
> >finds. if someone has the time, could you write up a quick recursive
> >script that i could use as a basis of my project?
> Well, I love PHP, but this sounds more like a job for C/C++.  The
> being is the socket support in C/C++ is way better than that found in
> Harder to code mind you, but better in the end.

I learned from the manual and coded up a quick page-reader/status
checker using fopen and fread - and thought I was fairly clever for
something so 'quick and dirty'. However perhaps this approach would not
work if something a bit more 'demanding' was required. Please would you
explain the advantage/necessity for using sockets (would appreciate
pointers to any reading/tutorials).


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