Being completely new to PHP I went to this site for help on how to print 
reports. Thanks for all the ideas.

I guess being a newbe, I was wondering if this is kind of the standard 
way most of you do all your reporting.

Based on all the help I got, I did the following:
1. Wrote a report writer with multiple header breaks, multiple total 
breaks. Selection of data in the detail , headers, and totals. Selection 
of 5 sort orders, and join selections. They select who gets copies of 
the report (up to 100 in the selection).
3. They give the report a name, and can execute it anytime. Or it can be 
fired with date triggers defined in item 1. Like every Friday at 10AM. etc.
4. I wrote a report file system. When a report fires it shows up in your 
IN-BASKET. When you delete it it goes to the Waste-Basket for 10 days. 
The file has the name of the report, number of lines, number of pages, 
who owns the report, when run and any comments set up in the report 
definition in item 1.
5. All reports run on the server, so they are fast. The report is stored 
in mySQL only once and everyone who gets the report has their IN-BASKET 
point to it.
6. Anyone can file the report or copy the report to multiple files or 
mail it to anyone. For example file a report from IN-BASKET to the 
Daily-Log file etc. The mail basically creates another entry in the 
recipient's IN-BASKET.
7. If you view a report it brings up as many pages at a time as you want 
(default is 5). you can move from page to page with arrows, or bring up 
the another section, or the whole report. You can print the report.

I know this is a fairly simple reporting system. Just wondering if I'm 
on the right track.

Thanks again for all the help..

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