Hi all,

Currently i've got a config file for each website, and I split it into
essentially two config files, based on the server name, so that I can have 1
file for both my local server and the live server.

something like:


    $cfgAdminEmail = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
    $cfgReportErrors = 1;
    $cfgSendMail = 0;
    $cfgAdminEmail = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
    $cfgReportErrors = 0;
    $cfgSendMail = 1;


But of course, there's more like 20 config elements.  The small problem I'm
having is making sure that I keep both halves (live and local) the same (but
with different settings).

What i was hoping was that there may be a way of writing the config once,
and having it work in both situations, perhaps with a switch, or with some
other language construct I have no idea about:

I know this isn't the answer, but I was hoping for something like:

$cfgReportErrors = "1|0;
$cfgSendMail = "0|1";

Where both the options "local|live" were declared in one hit.

Whatever solution there is (arrays?  switches?) it has to be easy to
maintain, otherwise it's a step backwards I guess.

Any suggestions appreciated, or pointers to stuff in the manual i've never
heard of!!!

Justin French

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