Hi Tyler,

Thank you,
I checked the permissions and the ownership, all ok, but by inserting 
the absolute path
in the page, the code is running and get the expected output from the 
script. I realized that
I made the same mistake in the php.ini file, I updated the include_path 
statement to

include_path = ".:/var/www/htmls/php/includes"  and now can simply 
reference the class file
without the path and it is working fine.

One question, what is the significance of the colon (:) in the 
include_path directive?



>Hi Andrew,
>This error indicates that your path to class.Htpasswd.php3 is wrong.
>use this:
>Right now, it's set to look in the php/includes dir.  If the file is
>actually in there, then apache might not have perms to read the file (IE:
>it's owned by root).
>Good luck,
>Tyler Longren
>Captain Jack Communications
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>From: "Andrew Schoenherr" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2002 12:54 AM
>Subject: [PHP] Error accessing class
>>PHP Version: 4.1.0, Apache Version: 1.3.12, Server: Linux 7.0
>>Class name: class.Htpasswd.php3
>>Thanks to Jason Wong for pointers on posting to the list, the parse
>>error was a simple omission of a quotation mark on my part.
>>This is the error I am getting...
>>Warning: Failed opening 'class.Htpasswd.php3' for inclusion
>>(include_path='.:/php/includes') in /var/www/html/php/dev/valid_user.php
>>on line 9
>>Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: htpasswd in
>>/var/www/html/php/dev/valid_user.php on line 10
>>7 <body>
>>8  <?php
>>9   include("class.Htpasswd.php3");
>>10  $aHTPasswd = new Htpasswd("/var/www/html/private/.htpassd");
>>11  if (!$aHTPasswd->EXISTS)
>>12   {
>>13     print("authentication error<br>);
>>14   }
>>15   else
>>16   {
>>17    if ( $aHTPasswd->verifyUser( "phpbook", "phpbook" ) )
>>18    {
>>19      print( "phpbook is a valid user<br>" );
>>20    }
>>21    else
>>22    {
>>23      print( "phpbook is not a valid user<br>" );
>>24    }
>>25  }
>>26 ?>
>>27 </body>
>>28 </html>
>>Any ideas on the error?
>>Thank you,
>>Andrew Schoenherr
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